Our School - Microdromio

Our School


Microdromio has been born from our need to create a school with an open and democratic spirit;

a school that provides time, space and opportunity to every child to discover and develop its personality, thus enabling each child to find its place in today and tomorrow’s world by paving its own way and creating its future through trust in oneself and its own strengths.

από το 2021


Our school philosophy consists of a patchwork of educational approaches, influenced by the work of great educators of the 20th century, that emphasizes children’s uniqueness and their balanced and healthy mental and physical development.

These approaches encourage children’s natural curiosity for perception and understanding of the world around them, while, at the same time, favorable conditions allow them to function harmoniously in an atmosphere of cooperation, teamwork and respect.

The inexhaustible source of our inspiration are children’s different personalities, their ideas and interests. Therefore, here at Microdromio, the ways of learning and discovering knowledge are mapped by children’s perception of the world; or simply put: Children lead the way.

Having said that, let us stress out that our philosophy is inspired by the theories of Piaget, Malaguzzi, Steiner, Dewey, Freinet, Freire, Vygotsky, Gardner, as expressed through Reggio Emilia’s Nature Pedagogy and Forest School learning style and approach, and Democratic Schools as well. All these elements have been the basis and the roots of our approach. At the same time we strive to develop them even further, embellishing them with new ingredients, so that they are in-sync with ever-changing environment in which children live.


Each personality is unique and we want to shine a light on this uniqueness, so that each child is able to realize it, to get to know its inner world, feel beautiful with itself, and has confidence in its strengths and abilities. The ultimate goal of this approach is further development of self-evident positive feelings of self-esteem that will accompany our children throughout their life.

Inane children’s curiosity to discover the world represents their inner motivation for knowledge so that knowledge gets a real meaning for them. In other words, children learn how to learn, how to practically use their knowledge, and how to assess it.

Children already are the citizens of our world: They are the successors of our human society and the creators of the new ones. Through our school programs and activities we aim to cultivate responsibility, solidarity, respect, empathy and environmental awareness and sensitivity for natural world and all its creatures.

Our goal is that our school becomes a fertile ground for children, such that will allow them to flourish and acquire all those necessary tools, which, when utilized, will help them live a life with respect to themselves, their fellow human beings, and nature.


Το κτίριο

The school is located in a building dating from 1960’s. With its simple architectural lines and vast openings that allow plenty of natural light, it was the ideal starting point for a creation of an educational environment shaped by the unique children’s personalities.

The school would like to become a mosaic of different stories written by children for the children. It is a canvas on which children will leave their marks; a living organism that transforms and evolves along with people who live and create in it.

The colors of the inner spaces were chosen carefully as to be in harmony with the external natural environment, to unlock children’s imagination and creativity. The study of the entire space was done aiming at being at the children’s service, adapting to their games, proposing different perspectives and dimensions to various activities, inspiring security and trust.

The school garden is in a Mediterranean style, full of trees and plants. It is a walk in nature, a place of freedom, discovery, and tranquility: an extension of the classroom or another active learning space during the entire year.